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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Diane from MTV's FAT CAMP

I'm not a huge fan of reality shows. I think for the most part, they're exploitive, and none of them get more exploitive than the American Idol audition episodes. Still, I think there are reality shows out there that deserve some viewing. There was Queen Bee, a show that explored how mean teenage girls can be. The show Pussycat Dolls Presents was a good look into the rehearsal process and performances of talented young ladies of all shapes, sizes and colors. Then there's FAT CAMP!!!!

It is no secret that obesity is a huge problem in the states, so what better way to deal with it than exploit our Fat American Teens?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Le Sexoflex - Twincest

I used to have a dream that I had sex with myself. This song is kinda' like that

Friday, June 11, 2010

Music Videos, the Fun Versions

Check out these music videos that really celebrate the art of taking a song and putting it to moving images.

First, my favorite.

And then, my second favorite.

For more, view the source of these videos right here.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Glee sings Bad Romance

Finally a music video of the Glee version.

30 Seconds to Mars - Bad Romance (Lady Gaga)

Lady Gaga really knows how to write a song, no one can deny that.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Toy Story 3 Viral Videos are Making a Fuss

Not so much the first video, but the other two videos I found are causing quite a stir. The first video is an adorable and funny video that Pixar made to introduce the character of Ken.

The next few videos were made to be leaked to the public to help create the illusion that the character Lotso was an actual toys from the 80s. I'm reading the comments on both accounts and there seems to be quite a debate, as well as angry comments, regarding the authenticity of these commercials.

Of course, this is all part of Pixar's way of promoting their film. Goodjob Pixar :-)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Traci Hines - The Hot Topic Model Princess Singer

Traci Hines enchanted me from the very first youtube I saw of her. It was probably one of the ones below. I can't remember which one because she is consistently awesome each time she posts a new video.

Aside from being an awesome singer, Traci Hines is also a model for Hot Topic, a cosplayer and the face of True Enchantment. Check out the link people. It's worth it.

Also be sure to follow Traci on Youtube and Facebook.

Legally Blonde staring The Legal Critters

When Legally Blonde the Musical came out and I got my hands on the CD I immediately wondered how it would look like on-stage, then I wondered how it would look like on film. Legally Blonde is already a movie, but musicals work different on the big screen than their on-stage counterparts.

These videos I found by youtube user LegallyCritter hint at what a cinematic musical version of Legally Blonde would look like. Very cute if not odd and sweet.

Guinea Pig Soundboard


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