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Friday, January 29, 2010

Bambizzoozled - The World's Blackface Database: Bubble Sisters

Where can I get more info on these girls?

Bambizzoozled - The World's Blackface Database: Bubble Sisters
I don't usually watch American Idol. I don't doubt that it's a talent competition, but I really hate how the show exploits all these brave individuals. Recently they had Katy Perry on as a guest judge and boy did she clash with Kara.

The Facts of Life, a spin-off of Different Strokes, was one of my favorite shows growing up. Seasons 1-3 of the DVD have been out for awhile now and I thought that Shout Factory had all but forgotten about our favorite 80s school girls. Well, 3 school girls and 1 really butch one. Jo could kick your ass. Blaire was a socialite and full of herself. Tootie was adorable, and black. Natalie was adorable, and fat. Mrs. Garret was Mrs. Garret. 

So with Seasons 1-3 out on DVD for awhile now, where are the rest of the DVDs. There were 9 Seasons. Get on it Shout Factory. Their recent reunion movie hasn't even seen a DVD release, but that might be because Disney owns it and they haven't released anything made for TV on DVD unless it has TWEEN written all over it.

So imagine my expression of joy when I discovered that not only was Season 4 finally being released on DVD, but it's also going to come packaged with the made for TV movie "The Facts of Life Goes to Paris" which sees our girls on an adventure in, you guessed it, Paris.

I love TVSHOWSONDVD.COM. They usually have good news about something old I used to love. And something new. And something blue. You reading this Mark?

Click here to check out the original article.

Facts of Life Season 4 on DVD

All of this Facts of Life news made me want to scour youtube for some episode clips, but what I found was even better: The Rerun Show.

The Rerun Show aired on NBC and VH1. The cast would perform skits from popular sitcoms and would reinterpret them which would result in some interesting scenarios. For example, in their production of Different Strokes, Mr. Drummond would be taking Kimbery Drummond's Playboy pics, alluding to when Dana Plato, the original Kimberly Drummond,  posed for Playboy in 1989. There's also the ingenious episode where Saved By the Bell is redone as a sci fi comedy.

Of course, my favorite is The Facts of Life episode "Shoplifting" redone. Make sure you watch both the original (available on DVD) and then the parody, but I think it's funny in whatever order. Take note of Paul Vogt's on spot portrayal of Mrs Garret. This same portrayal also followed him to "The Big Gay Sketch Show." The Rerun Show was a great series. I hope it gets to see it's own DVD release. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Have You Ever Felt This Hungry for Chocolate

I don't watch Bridezilla, or any reality television really. I don't know the full story behind this scene, but that Bride is being really rude to that Cake Woman. I'd like to think that it's all acted out but working in retail I can tell this isn't far from the truth.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Night of Broadway in Song

Hey cast members. As choreographer I thought you guys should view these videos and incorporate some of what I have to say into the dances in our show. Enjoy the videos.

First up is Steppin to the Bad Side. Notice the commitment to the sharp movement. Commitment to the movement is key.

Next, we have Beat Out That Rhythm on A Drum. The dance is pandemonium, but it has to be organized. Notice how no one in the scene is just standing there. Every action has a purpose. Every pose a purpose. So when you move, and when you stand, move and stand with a purpose. React accordingly to each other as well.

Here is one that's not from Broadway or Musicals. It's Solange and The Supremes in this mash-up of I Decided and Come See About Me. This is more for our own Dreamgirls, but all can learn from this also. There's very little movement to what Solange and The Supremes do, but what hey do is very sharp and very lady like. Even The Supremes and all they're doing in this song is bouncing. Also, smile and be into it.

Martin Short and Bernadette Peters in a performance from The Goodbye Girl. The main thing to notice in this is the easy movement that both of the performers are given. Again, the main thing to remember is the commitment to a movement. Just do it, and do it with style.

This dance is mainly for the Ease on Down the Road cast. The movement I gave you is very basic, but as the dancers and singers in this piece, add your own personal style to it. These dancers were given very basic moves and what they added to it is their own personal energetic style. Energy energy is key as well.

This is another one for the Dreamgirls. Beyonce is Miss Bootylicious. This girl cannot dance without shaking her money maker. In Dreamgirls, she is very restrained, but that doesn't mean she doesn't exude energy. This dance is very energetic and sexy and she's just in one spot.

This one is for all the soloists. Center stage is the most powerful spot on the stage for obvious reasons. Notice how Colleen Sexton commands your attention. Notice how she stands and walks with a purpose. The trick to this is to make everything internal. You can feel the song, because she's feeling the song. She's going deep into herself and finding a connection and letting that drive the movement of how she performs the song with the movement given to her.

This is the dance that made me want to be a dancer. Rich Man's Frug from Sweet Charity. The movement is very stylized and isolated. The standing is very stylized. This dance should be studied mostly to be utilized during Beat Out That Rhythm and Hallelujah Baby. 

Another one for my little Dreamgirls. Notice how the girls move as a unit. You're a group, so move as one. Notice also how the steps and turns are very elegant and funky. I think Chelsea does this best.

A lot of the movement from Beat Out That Rhythm was borrowed from this piece. Notice the placement of the arms and how they "walk/dance." Again, take note of how the background is always aware of the foreground.  Also notice how the dancers change from one new spot to another. They walk with a stylized purpose.

Ricki Lake is not a dancer, but she had to play one in Hairspray. And she had to be better than most of the cast. Notice in this scene the spunk she injects into the given movement. Invoke that same spunk into some of your movement.

"We are the muses..." Caliope says during the opening song of Disney's Hercules. I was trying so hard to not put this in because it's animated, but I did study these girls to put some of the songs together. Notice again how they work as a unit.

And finally, my favorite. Christina Applegate in Sweet Charity. Now who here knew she could sing and dance? I didn't. Anyways, sharp movement, commitment to movement, and what a voice. When it comes down to it, it's all about trust. It's about not judging what we give you, and just doing it. You can't judge it, especially not anymore. It's for the audience now and all we can do is try our best. So get on that stage, and just do it and do it how we taught you how to do it.

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